Hi, I am KT McK,  a certified Aromatherapist and yogi who also facilitates guided and sound meditations. I began my quest to discover holistic tools to heal my body after walking away from a career on Wall Street in 2014 when I discovered that I had been living in a stress response for many years. It had taken me several autoimmune conditions to understand I had to shift my thinking from 'I am not doing, seeing, thinking, making enough' to 'Everything I need is within'. Over time this expanded to include attention and awareness around the food, beauty products, music, living circumstances and even friends I allow into my life. This is my forever journey.

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SCENTS YOUR MAGIC was created out of a need for the ever shifting support required for this lifelong path. In essence, Aromatherapy changed my life. I have found plant intelligence to be the greatest teacher in my life so far. Plants (along with many other practices) have helped me to reprogram my thinking patterns, to heal emotional and physical traumas as well as be of support in both physical and neurological aspects of my life. 

I am passionate about sharing the many philosophies and practices that have helped me overcome obstacles in my healing journey through all 5 senses through Aromatherapy, Sound, Yoga & Meditation (Pranayama).

"It is not enough to wish for something. We must align our inner nature to it." - Love, KT