7 Chakra Body Oil Blends

Change. The only constant in life. The 7 Chakras can be used as a guide for obtaining balance within the body because things are always shifting. When we move through change it can be nice to check in to bring awareness and balance to your life.  Dis-ease arises when one element falls out of balance and remains so over time. The goal is to move through the disharmony back into balance. Each element is associated with body organs, colors, flavors, senses, emotions and sound. We are a unique blend of all elements, both internal and external at all times which makes up our state of health. The 7 Chakras collection was developed with the idea that the body is a whole and all parts are interconnected. Each part can influence and is dependent on the other. These potions support our whole being (mind, body and spirit) as we gracefully move through the elements of change.