Safety First!

There are a few things you should be aware of regarding essential oils before you jump right in and you should always consult a doctor before starting any new health regime because, shockingly, I am not a doctor. What is good for one body, may not be great for another. As a general rule of thumb, essential oils (neat) should never be used directly on the skin and never taken internally. For example, lemon is a natural goo gone. If its dissipating sticky stuff, imagine what it may do to all your digestive tubes over time. If you do get into a situation where a neat application occurs and you experience sensitization or worse, burning in your eye, flush with a carrier oil. When it starts burning, remember, its oil; and you don't put out a grease fire with water! Also know that sensitization to an oil can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. I discovered by accident that vetiver neat removed a spot of psoriasis on my hand almost instantaneously. When I started experimenting on other spots I quickly discovered this little fun fact and needed some major coconut oil to the rescue! Although the blends I make are diluted to levels unlikely to cause harm, always test a small patch of skin first. T There are additional risks associated with conditions such as but not limited to: heart trouble, seizures, high blood pressure, children, elders, animals and pregnancy. Essential oils are not drugs. Sure they can be used to support specific conditions, but instead of working like a band-aid (drugs) to smother a situation and likely throw another off balance, they work at the cellular, energetic levels to support holistic health. As you learn more about them you will also discover a single oil will support many different conditions, also unlike synthetic solutions you may receive from your doctor. In general, be mindful that citrus oils can cause photo sensitivity.

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Is everything natural?

All ingredients are natural and organic sourced from small batch producers. The creation and experimentation process is cruelty free and vegan. Everything is made by this human and tested on this human.

How long does it take to send my order?

Orders are usually disbatched within 4 business days and shipping times are estimated at 5-7 business days

How much is shipping?

The flat rate for shipping is $8 and free on orders over $50

Can the products be used on sensitive skin?

I always suggest patch testing before use as all skin types are different. I have several skin ailments such as psoriasis so I understand ALL about sensitive skin. All products are made for the purpose of refresh and hydrating the skin. Please reach out if you have specific issues, I would love to discuss and create so that you can feel your skin is safe.