I use all organic botanical ingredients with purpose to feed and nourish the skin.  All products I sell I use myself and source from trusted small batch suppliers. It is important to exercise caution when sourcing your oils. You may have heard the term "Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils" and assumed this to mean you were purchasing some legit holistic aromatherapy products when in fact, this distinction is not an industry standard and not endorsed or regulated by any government agency. The bottom line is, "Therapeutic Grade" is a marketing term due to consumerism making its way into the "self-care" space. Self care may have never been easy, but it was once simple.


My products are not made with synthetic ingredients, parabens, chemicals, fillers, or any other artificially derived ingredients. Once you go organic and natural, your skin and body will thank you.

All products are handmade in small batches in my Dallas studio. 

They are created and packaged with magic and love.