Burning Incense


My intention is to shift underlying reliance on big corporations to an empowered approach concerning our health and wellbeing. When we are able to quiet the fury of activity in the mind, we can start to hear our intuition leading us toward what serves our needs best. 

Anything offered is meant to support a shift of being in the direction of what brings joy to our unique personal experience. As we incorporate ethically sourced natural products into our routines and create new practices, we begin to organically shift our entire being to a place where abundance and inner peace are the norm. 

There is much to discuss on this topic and I am passionate about speaking out about my experiences with autoimmune conditions. If its not obvious yet, this space is all about how labels are stupid and your fate is not determined by bad luck or genes - you have the power to change your story! 

I want to help you rediscover your unique internal magic by sharing what I continue to find in my process.