Available for Sound Meditations

Join sound practitioner KT McK for a socially distanced sonic journey. Sound Meditation is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants receive the vibrations of sound. Research shows that meditating with sound can help reduce stress, tension, and anxiety taking you into a deep state of relaxation. 


Why work with sound? Everything in this world is vibration, and thanks to science, this is a fact. At the tiniest subatomic particle, all that exists is vibration and space. In fact, sound is to the nervous system as food is to the body. Vibration is the spark of creation which makes awareness around our sonic intake important. Our words are important.


Sound meditations are active listening experiences in which we use the sound as an anchor to bring us back to the present moment when our mind wanders into thought.


The sound guides the meditation. Your job is to engage in deep, judicious listening and THIS has the ability to impact your overall well being and bring the body into relaxation, balance and a sense of connection. Sound is a powerful tool for self inquiry that can promote cognitive and other significant changes in oneself such as granting access to deep, emotions as we transform from being addicted to what we want reality to be and into the realm of what is.

The session format starts with a quick talk outlining a glimpse into the research and data supporting the effects of sound on the human body. Next I will guide you through some conscious breath and a visualization or vocalization to understand how your self-expression contributes to the collective. I will then play an intuitive sequence of overtone emitting instruments such as chimes, gong, drums, or singing bowls.