Aromatherapy and Meditation - The Perfect Match

The incorporation of Aromatherapy into a meditation practice will enhance the cultivation of the relationship to the inner-self. 


Aromatherapy has received a lot of attention over the last few years in part due to advances in neuroscience. Our five senses are each unique in their relationship with how we interact with our environment. Our sense of smell is thought to be the most primal of the senses and has influence over cognition, emotion and even our other senses. What is different about smell is that smell is directly relayed to the amygdala (learning, memory processing, decision-making and emotional responses: fear, anxiety, aggression) whereas all our other senses are integrated through our thalamus (consciousness: processes and relays sensory information). Sometimes just thinking about certain smells can be as powerful as actually smelling them.


Similar to music, scents also have the ability to create and trigger memories, people, places and emotions by instantly influencing our bodies through our nervous system. By tapping into the elemental powers of essential oils extracted from plants, you can bring balance to your physical, emotional and mental ailments.