Clean Hands, Bright Spirit, Nourished Body

Clean Hands, Bright Spirit, Nourished Body

Hand Sanitizer has become an essential part of our lives and there are many offerings that range in quality. Most hand sanitizers have a very dehydrating effect on the skin and you may have noticed your hands cracked or drying from daily use due to the high percentage of alcohol required to be effective (>60%).


The SCENTS YOUR MAGIC blend is formulated to provide you with anti-microbial protection while nourishing and hydrating the skin. This potion will help to prevent the peeling of skin, rough patches, cuts and cracks. The essential oils provide a beautiful fragrance that leaves your hands feeling silky soft and clean. 


This gel based potion is also suitable for sanitizing door handles, shopping carts, benches or even your keys!


Directions: pump a nickel size amount in the palm of hands and rub until fully dry or pump onto a cloth and wipe onto surface and allow to dry.