Palo Santo Bundles

Palo Santo Bundles

Palo Santo, Spanish for "Holy Wood" is a sacred tree which grows in South America and has been used by shamans in ceremony, healing and ritual prayer tracing all the way back to the Incas. It is used for its metaphysical properties of purification and clearing of negative energies. You can clear your space, your crystals or yo self of unwanted energies. It is also helpful for meditation or cleansing your crystals.


Palo Santo has an uplifting effect due to its brain-oxygenating terpenes like limonene and a-terpineol and is believed to cleanse a person's energy field while also grounding and allowing focus for creativity to emerge. 


4 sticks included


Directions: take one stick and light it with a lighter or candle. Allow the stick to burn for about 30 seconds or longer then blow it out. Smoke will emerge from the wood and you can wave it through the air like you just don't care (but you obviously do) or you can use a feather to wave the smoke to your body or around the room.